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This page features those who work with us, who have websites or not.

Magali Asquier Magali Asquier : www.crcvasquier.frWelcome to her conservation and restoration workshop, located in the historical centre of Le Cannet
Taaf Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises (French Southern and Antarctic Lands)TAAF is an overseas community with administrative and financial autonomy; it was founded by the law of 6th August 1955. This law revokes the decree of 1924, which originally linked these lands to the general government of Madagascar.
-> Watch the video “3D digitisation of Joan of Arc Port on the Kerguelen Islands” 
Fonderie d'art Fonderie d’art : Atelier 960°Located in Carcès, they practice traditional bronze casting methods, making copies and train apprentices.
-> Watch the video “The new cross of St Férreol in Lorgues, Var”
Atelier Proferro L’atelier Proferro : www.proferro.frDesign, creation and completion of metal.
-> Watch the video “The Machaira”
Virginie Gaillard Virginie Gaillard : Archéologie & Illustration
Archaeological and heritage illustrator and designer.
Karine Hautefort Karine Hautefort :
Painting restorer in Vouvray (37)
Preservation of pictorial heritage/restoration of easel paintings

Translation by Christabel Sakkalli

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