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The period between the discovery of the object, the completion of scientific investigations and subsequent exhibition in museums is sometimes extremely long. When several people work on the same object, often at a distance from each other, the object’s data, if not the objects themselves, can occasionally be mislaid.

In a strategy to overcome this, and to address issues of access, we have chosen to use software that archives administrative and scientific documents. These are linked to all the relevant files of each object; this is a continuous and on going process while the object is in our care. The Gestion Electronique de Documents or ‘e-geide’ ensures each file has an exclusive personal access code so that whoever is in contact with a collection can access and download every item of data in a file. Since Séverine-Leconte-Tusoli devoted much of her post-doctoralresearch to this subject (at the Université de Corte), we have presented this approach to the Lévie colloquium for the first time. The principal allowed all the information to be continually sent and stored between three different servers, hundreds of kilometres apart. Therefore if one server breaks down, the other two can guarantee that the data is still retained.

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Gestion électronique des documents

Translation by Christabel Sakkalli

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