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The Blue Shield is intended to be to heritage what the Red Cross is to humanity. The movement was created by the main international professional associations in the heritage domain, through a combination of thought and action. In 1954 they decided to promote the Hague Convention; a movement that is fairly recent and differs from one country to the next.

In France, the Comité Français du Bouclier Bleu is an association of the Loi 1901. In each country, the use of the blue shield logo can vary. When there are many cultural objects and monuments accumulated together, some countries decide to attach the blue shield logo to them, so that they can be spared if conflict arises. Other countries, such as France, think the opposite; that by affixing such signs, the objects become targets in times of war.The aggressors are shown exactly which artefacts they can destroy to cause maximum damage to a country’s culturalroots,as well as destroying the country itself.

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Translation by Christabel Sakkalli

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