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The LC2R develops both skills training and training courses that result in diplomas.

Clémentine Isoard, stagiare 2006 et Bluenn Boulange, restauratrice For many years conservation-restoration interns from different countries have come to participate in practical work placements lasting for several months up to a year.

Provenance of interns we have received since 1990
carte des stagiaires

1 intern
Between 2 and 4 interns
5 or more interns

During the last few years, invitations to tender bids have taken up more and more or our time ; therefore we no longer have enough time to correctly supervise interns and ensure high-quality training. Furthermore, the introduction of systematic competition means that we would prefer not to train our future competitors !
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Nevertheless the LC2R receives interns from areas related to conservation-restoration that are within its technical means, such as engineering students who want to find a practical setting for disciplines such as occupational health and safety, as well as analysis and/or conservation techniques. Candidates are encouraged to propose a research project when applying for a placement at the laboratory.
The LC2R takes seminars in France as well as abroad that last for one day up to a week, on such themes as “Conservation Theory” or “Preventive and Interventive Conservation”.


The LC2R has established a training course that results in a diploma (along with the support of the Centre Culturel Français and the Central Institute for Conservation (CIK) in Belgrade), which is aimed at training professionals from the Balkans (Former Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania) in the field of preventive conservation.


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